Effect Of Cheap Memory Foam

Cheap Does Not Mean Reliable! Find Out The Effects Of Cheap Memory Foam!

Do you think it is too good to be true? Sadly, nothing is too good to be true. A cheap memory foam means low quality memory foam. Without doing your own research, these “too good to be true” deals can slowly turn into your worst nightmare.

How do you differentiate low quality memory foam to EcodenTM approved quality?

Firstly, low quality memory foam has low density. This means, the memory foam has a shorter product lifespan, and as a result, its shape and feel will dissipate rapidly. When this happens, it will no longer be able to support your back and neck like EcodenTM approved quality would.Additionally, substances such as glues, plasticizers and harsh synthetic fabrics are often present within the product.

How does it affect our health?

Well, anything cheap comes with its own consequences. Some of these damaging properties include:

Chronic pain: As your cheap memory foam loses its contouring properties, you will experience soreness and pains as they would not be able to support proper alignment any longer. The longer this progresses, the condition can easily turn into chronic pains and progressive inflammations. On the other hand, EcodenTM quality approved memory foam will persistently offer proper and effective sleeping alignment, thus, alleviating any pressure points.

Overheating: Heat has been a prominent issue amongst memory foam users. Low quality manufacturers are not actively looking for solutions and hence overheating is a notable problem amongst low quality memory foam. It has been noted that the body’s circadian form is strongly correlated with the body’s temperature. This includes the release of sleep hormone, melatonin. Melatonin is released when there is a decrease in the body’s temperature at night. Hence, overheating can prevent your body from falling asleep at night. With EcodenTM quality approved memory foam pillow, we actively run independent tests and research into the best solution to such problem. We adopted bamboo charcoaled infused memory foam and tencel covers for its utmost cooling effect.

Sleep deprivation: Not only does the overheating leads to sleep deprivation, but a pillow that is easily worn out like a low quality memory foam is no doubt, not comfortable to sleep on. Furthermore, not having enough sleep affects many cognitive functions, such as memory, reaction time, concentration and hence learning ability. With EcodenTM pillow you can expect an uninterrupted full night snooze, allowing you to wake up to your best self everyday.

Allergies: All beddings are prone to accumulate dead skin cells, sweat, hair and other undesirable particles. These dust buildup can lead to the growth of dust mites. Some effects of these mites include trouble breathing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, bronchial asthma and chronic cough. Even though all bedding accumulate these unwelcoming particles, cheap memory foam are susceptible to it much faster.

Harmful emissions: Reputable manufacturers employ certified materials to produce their memory foam. However, with low quality memory foam, it is possible that harmful and cheap materials are used in the making of their product. These harmful materials is able to contaminate your bedroom air quality. Some of these substances include flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde and toluene. Long exposure to such materials can lead to asthma, endocrine dysfunction, cancer and damage to the central nervous system. On the other hand, the EcodenTM memory foam is CertiPUR-US® certified, which prohibit these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to be included within the memory foam.

Be sure to put your health first and refrain from purchasing cheap memory foam, even if you are on a budget. These cheap memory foam will eventually results to more costs, treating health related issues. For a certified quality memory foam, check out the EcodenTM pillow!

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